Mishkeegogamang First Nation


Mishkeegogamang and its People

The people of Mishkeegogamang Ojibway Nation live in northwestern Ontario, around the area where the Albany River meets Lake St. Joseph. Today, just over 900 people live on its two reserves, while about 500 live off the reserve, either on Crown Land or in other communities.

HomelandThe traditional territory of the Mishkeegogamang Ojibway extends to the north, south, east and west, beyond the boundaries of Reserves 63A and 63B. The traditional territory is made up of the communities of the Main Reserve, Bottle Hill, Poplar Heights, Sandy Road, Doghole Bay, Rat Rapids, Cedar Rapids, Ten Houses, Eric Lake, Ace Lake, Metcalfe, Pashkokogan, Mile 50, Fitchie Lake, Mile 42, Mile 29, Menako, and the shores of Lake St. Joseph.

Mishkeegogamang changed back to its real name from "Osnaburgh" on November 15, 1993 by Band Council Resolution.

The Sucker, Loon, Caribou, Sturgeon, and Bear clans are represented among Mishkeegogamang members.

About two-thirds of the people in Mishkeegogamang speak and understand Ojibwe. The language is written in syllabics, and today it is also written using the English alphabet.

Mishkeegogamang is a signatory to the James Bay Treaty No. 9. For more on the treaty, check out the History section.

NW OntarioMishkeegogamang is located about 500 km northwest of Thunder Bay, Ontario, and about 30 km south of Pickle Lake, Ontario. Provincial Highway 599 passes through Reserves 63A and 63B, making the community accessible year-round.

Mishkeegogamang is halfway between the two oceans.

Mishkeegogamang Location