Mishkeegogamang First Nation



The community is governed by a Band Council consisting of a Chief and five Councillors, nominated and elected by the members of the community. The entire council has a two-year term. Four of the six council members must be present to make formal decisions. The log Council Building in Ten Houses was completed in 1993.

Mishkeegogamang has no ties with any tribal organization, but has informal relationship with Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN), a political lobby group, which researches and devises ideas and policies for the First Nations of Northwestern Ontario.

Federal riding - Kenora Rainy-River.

Provincial constituency - Kenora-Rainy River

Current Council

Chief Connie Gray-McKay
Tom Wassaykeesic
David Masakeyash
Mary Ann Panacheese-Skunk
Laureen Wassaykeesic
Jeffrey Neekan (Resigned, by-election pending)

Custom Election Code Project

In 1995, Chief and Council reviewed the existing rules and regulations in the Indian Act regarding band elections in response to concerns expressed over the past few years about the general band elections. At that time, a draft election code had been developed with very little input from the community. The Chief and Council decided not to proceed with a custom election code until a later date when band members would take part in the process.

In May 2005 the Mishkeegogamang First Nation Chief and Council initiated the Mishkeegogamang Custom Election Code Project, again in response to concerns expressed about the way general elections are held. Concerns expressed included the way the nominations for council positions are conducted, the selection of candidates, the qualification(s) of candidates, the residency of candidates, and the election day procedures such as ballot counting.

Informational material was developed to educate and assist the band members of Mishkeegogamang to understand how general elections are currently conducted under the Indian Act, and the process involved to develop a custom election code.

Developing a custom election code for our community will be an ongoing process. We encourage all Mishkeegogamang band members to take part in this important process.

Inquiries on the Mishkeegogamang Election Code Project can be directed to Chief Connie Gray-McKay or Councillor Tom Wassaykeesic

Representation on Local/Regional Boards

The First Nation has several band members who currently serve on Boards of Directors in various regional aboriginal and other organizations.

Below are the organizations and the names of the band member who serve on each organization:

  • Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority: Laureen Wassaykeesic
  • Meno-Ya-Win Board: Donna Roundhead
  • Meno-Ya-Win Elder Representative: Bella Panacheese
  • Northern Nishnawbe Education Council: Vacant
  • Tikinagan Child & Family Services: Jim Bottle
  • Pickle Lake and Mishkeegogamang Community Safety Committee: Vacant

Any members interested in being a representative for one of these boards or committees, and would like to be considered for future appointments, should contact the Chief and Council to discuss their interest and qualifications. Mishkeegogamang Ojibway Nation Band Office (807) 928-2414.